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Công ty Bảo vệ Tân Trào - Tân Trào Security

Thứ Bảy, 30 tháng 11, 2013

Letter for Customers

To: Yours Customers

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Tan Trao Security Services One Member Co., Ltd was found in accordance with the license no. 0101126129, registered to change for sixth time, which was issued by Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment on September 17th, 2013. Tan Trao Company mainly operates security services, and have sufficient security conditions regulated in Government’s Decree no. 52/2008/ND-CP of security services management and business, and Circular no. 45/2009/BCA. Especially, we have good qualification, as many of our leaders and managers have 40 years of experience. 
We are proud of our advantage, which stays at our leaders and most of our guardians who directly do security task. Many of our staff were or have been in Honor Command Guard – Ministry of Public Security, which takes noble responsibility of ensuring safety for chiefs of state and government officials, not only of our country but also from abroad, who have been to Vietnam since our country’s first revolution stage in Tan Trao – the cradle land of our country’s Revolution.

Tan Trao Company would like to introduce the security types we provide:
-         Protecting fixed targets (guarding, patrolling) such as factories, construction sites, stores, warehouses, banks, offices, private houses, ...
-         Protecting mobile target: bodyguard, protection of legal commodities, properties, money on traveling.
-         Keeping safety at shows, performances, meetings, fairs, exhibitions, ...
-         Giving advices of security profession.
As your comprehensive and continuing development is our benefit, Tan Trao company is committed that 100% of our guardians are professionally trained to excellently complete all the tasks, deserving our prestige as a company contributed by Vietnamese middle-ranking and high-ranking security officers.
The security services we provide through our professional guardian force will be the key to your success and contribution to your company’s stability and prosperity.


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